Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Replies to messages:

@ Jane T. : This book is not available in English. I had written it for a specific reason, a specific readership and a specific country. Thank you for the communication.

@ Brad K. : Yes I've read His Dark Materials, it's brilliant.

@ Charlie B. : I write during the night because there's peace and it's more quite.

@ Frank R. : I could reverse the question: Why wouldn't I use a girl for a main character? But anyway, the book has enough male characters too and I think the girl will be accepted better by both genders.

@ Tania J. : I read at least one book per week. No, I don't read non fiction.

@ Helen P. & Jack W. : In my books I use creatures and beings mostly from the Greek mythology, as well as of my own, but some are presented differently than they are in the mythology.

@ Bob S. : Well, imagine that you are Percy Jackson and that you're going to Narnia to meet with the Lord of the Rings!

Thanks guys! I'll answer more of your messages soon.

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