Saturday, 15 February 2014


@ Anna H. & George K. & Ron S. & Terry J. & Mary L. : 
I'm glad that you've downloaded the prologue from my website and that you've enjoyed reading it. 
1. Zeus couldn't know that the people would misunderstand the intention behind his decision. Only the Creator would have such an ability. 
2. The Gods had won that battle because their numbers were greater and also because they fought with strategy and wisdom, while the Titans, although more powerful, were careless and arrogant. 
3. As you'll discover when reading the book, they didn't only place the Flame in the Land of the White Sun, but have kept the main Flame in the Elysian Fields.
4. Painting the universe is nowhere to be found within the Greek or any other mythology. It's my own imagination. 

@ Martha W. : After May we'll organize some book signings, surely.

@ Elena K. : It's for girls who live in the UK and who would be willing to travel to Luton for a day.

@ trello PAOKtsaki : During my 4 months experience in the administration of the Team, I decided that I am not suitable, because I would think and act as a fan, not a manager.

@ Mathew M. : Yes, I have stated many times that to me, Stephen King is one of the best authors of all times. Hmm... The Dark Tower!

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