Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I choose to reply to my emails via my Blog, unless it's something personal, I'll try to reply with a private message, no worries. This way other people might also find answers to questions.

@ George V. : Thanks for the email. It will launch on the 8th of April 2014

@ Helen A. : Thank you for the communication. Orizon was literary fiction for adults. Rebecca is Y/A mythical epic fantasy.

@ Jack H. : Thank you. Yes, as it says on my website, it'll be available in paperback as well.

@ Sam L. : Thanks. She's not a real girl, but an illustration created by Carrie White, but you'll soon see the real girl too, we're on a quest to find her! Most of the rest of the artwork is created by Theodore Kyritsopoulos and Nektarios Chionis. The front cover of the book is created by Damon.

@ Harry T. : Lol, don't worry buddy, and yes of course you'll be invited. My best regards to all.

@ Anna S. : Rebecca is 18 when the book starts.

@ Theo P. : It's PAOK FC.

@ Leo K. : I respect all religions.

Thank you all for the communication.

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