Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Correspondence :

@ Lily W. & Margaret J. & Anna S. : We have received so many applications that it was already hard to choose, thus we had to end the contest earlier than planned.

@ Terry B. & Martin R. & Sanny P. & Maria A. : Our winner is a model and actress from London, you will soon see her photographed as Rebecca.

@ Bart T. & Charlie K. : Thank you. He was a Bulldog.

@ Jil H. : No, I don't travel often to the US and when I do it's usually at NYC.

@ Christopher P. : We are all very excited. I will attend my Publishers speeches at the LBF.

@ Steven R. : I guess you mean for a Graphic novel? We can probably work out something with you but need to see samples of your work. Please forward to the publisher any such material and if we decide to do something like that, we'll be in touch.

@ Annie A. : Thank you, we hope it'll be. You can pre-order Rebecca in many on-line stores, including of course Amazon and WaterStones.

@ Dimitri T. : I cant be in their mind, but I don't think it'll be good for either of the Teams or their owners.

Thank you all and take care!

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