Monday, 3 March 2014


@ Leo B. & Claire M. & John A. & Cliff C. : My PR team is Midas PR UK.

@ Peter O. & Harry J. & Lia H. : I'm glad you liked the Minotaur illustration, which is Copyrighted by Track7 and initially created for a video game called Thesseis. The Minotaur is a very important character in my book, although you'll find him to be very different to what you've heard till now about those creatures. In other words, my Minotaur, Bull, is a very nice guy.

@ Maria K. & Alexandra A. & Rania W. : The response is huge, but you've got nothing to loose, please do send your photos at as long as you feel that you fit the description.

@ Garry T. : Sorry, as I've said before, I don't read manuscripts. Please find yourself an Editor.

@ Mario S. : No, I'm not Italian, it's a Pen Name.

@ Andrea U. : My Publisher decided that the narrator of the AudioBook should be a male.

@ Ryan G. & Zac O. : I don't mind. Please contact my Publicist with details regarding your websites etc and what it is exactly that you'd like from me.

@ Spiros X. & Konstantina R. : It'll be available in Greece and the Greek language after late May 2014.

@ Kostas K. : Don't you think that the person who puts his money in the team is the most appropriate to take such decisions than you or I?

@ Corina L. : Will definetaly do a couple of book signings late spring.

Thank you all for the communication and apologies for the delay in replying.

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